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transport < e1 | t1 | e3 | ds3 > <g751>


This command sets the mode of operation for the interface. Default setting and valid options are dependant on the card. 440, 431, and 530-TEJ cards are t1/e1 and default to t1. While 530-DE cards are t3/e3 and default to t3.


e1 - specify e1 mode.
t1 - specify t1 mode.
e3 - specify e3 mode.
ds3 - specify t3 mode.
g751 - specifies g751, only valid with "transport e3"


transport e1 - Sets the interface to use e1 mode (if allowed).
transport e3 - Sets the interface to use e3 mode (if allowed).
transport e3 g751 - Sets the interface to e3 g751 mode.
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