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This chapter describes how to manage router software. ImageStream routers are equipped with flash storage and software updates are available online. The most common software update method is outlined below. Depending on your software release methods other than "online" update may be available.

After logging in, the main menu is displayed (your menu may look slightly different):
     ISis-Router main menu 
     1. Configuration menu 
     2. Show interface status 
     3. Advanced 
     4. Router software management 
     5. Backup/Restore 
     6. halt/reboot 
     0. Log off 
Select the "Router software management" option by pressing 4 and Enter. The next menu should appear:
     Router Software Management 
     1. Update router from on-line repository
     2. Update router via SCP
     3. Update router via FTP
     4. Update router via TFTP
     5. Update router via HTTP
     6. Update router via ZMODEM
     0. ISis-Router main menu

Using the Software Management Menu

Select the "Update router from on-line repository" option by pressing 1 and Enter. The router will then fetch the current update utility. Please Note; the router will require a valid DNS configuration and access to tcp port 2401. The "distribution selection" menu should appear once the updated utility is fetched:
Select your distribution: (Current: router Ver. 4.4.0-103)
1. 4.4.0
2. 4.2.12
3. Quit
Select the distribution that you wish to install. Please Note; the router will only present you will the current sub-release of the major versions listed. In the unlikely event that you a specific version, please use one of the file based update methods.
The update process will ask you you want to review the release notes for the version that will be installed. Please review these notes carefully as features may have changed. After reading the release notes the update process will prompt if you wish to update. The update process will now download and install the new software to the flash module.
Normally the update process will require no more user input. If an error occurs follow the on screen prompt to resolve the issue. Do not reboot the router if the update process does not complete correctly.
Once the update is successful the router will continue to run the current software until it is rebooted.
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