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This chapter presents general information about equipment returns. Equipment returns to ImageStream fall under the category of Factory Repair or Service Replacement. These categories and guidelines are explained in the following sections.


Factory Repair

Customers who return equipment to ImageStream for factory repair should contact ImageStream for return authorization and instructions. When you call ImageStream, you will be given a Return Material Authorization (RMA) control number. Mark this number clearly on the shipping container for ease of identification and service. The RMA control number is simply a shipment-control procedure and does not affect the provisions of a sales or lease agreement. ImageStream will also request that you provide the following information for each piece of equipment you wish to return:
  • Name of Product and Description
  • Serial Number
  • Customer Order Number
  • Failure Symptoms
You will be provided a shipping address to return any defective equipment or parts.

Re-packing Guidelines For Equipment Return

Equipment or parts that are being returned to ImageStream for any reason must be properly packaged to prevent damage in shipment and handling. If the original packing material and shipping container are available, reuse these items to return equipment. If these items are not available, package the equipment for shipment as follows:
  • Secure movable and exposed parts before shipping so will not become loose in shipment and cause damage or be damaged.
  • Abrasive or dusty materials should not be used for cushioning.
  • Customers should attempt to ship equipment weighing more than 20 pounds in sturdy or double-wall containers.
When returning more than one item in the same shipping container, wrap each unit individually in air-cell or similar material, prevent possibility of movement of individual units during shipment. Place each printed circuit (PC) card in an individual conductive bag, wrap the card in a double layer air-cell or similar material if possible. Ship in a sturdy container that prevents movement of individually wrapped cards.
Note: Return shipments are your responsibility. You will be responsible for any damages caused by improper packaging.

Specific Packing Guidelines

In returning equipment to ImageStream, the alternative packaging guidelines are listed with the exception of procedures authorized by ImageStream.

Most Desirable

Return the equipment in its original packing material and shipping container.


Wrap the equipment in sufficient air-cell (bubble pack) or similar material providing cushioning, ship in a double-wall container if possible.
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