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bridge-group (bridge group) - Adds the interface to the bridge group

New bridge-group commands include: ex: bridge-group 16 spanning-disabled

spanning-disabled - Disables the spanning tree algorithm for the bridge group

priority (prio) - Sets the bridge port priority for this interface

path-cost (cost) - Set the port's path cost (values 1-65535)

New bridge commands (global bridge configuration) ex: bridge 16 aging-time 300

spanning-disabled - Disables the spanning tree algorithm for the bridge

priority (prio) - Sets the bridge priority

path-cost (cost) - Set the bridge's path cost (values 1-65535)

aging-time (seconds) - Sets the bridge's aging time (values 1-1000000)

forward-time (seconds) - Sets the bridge's forwarding time (values 1-200)

hello-time (seconds) - Sets the bridge's hello time (values 1-10)

max-age (seconds) - Sets the bridge's maximum aging time (values 10-200)

Each bridge group automatically provides an interface to allow configuring IPs and routing for the bridge. The interface will be named bvi(bridge group). So if you have a bridge-group 16 you'll be able to configure interface bvi16.

Here's a quick example:

interface Serial0
 description SuperLine Shelf
 encapsulation frame-relay ietf
 frame-relay mode dce
interface Serial0.16
 description DLCI 16 (
 frame-relay interface-dlci 16
 bridge-group 16
interface Serial0.17
 description DLCI 17 (
 frame-relay interface-dlci 17
 bridge-group 17
interface Serial0.18
 description DLCI 18 (
 frame-relay interface-dlci 18
 bridge-group 18 spanning-disabled
interface bvi16
 ip address
interface bvi17
 ip address
interface bvi18
 ip address
# Change the forwarding delay to 3 seconds
bridge 16 forward-time 3
# Change the hello interval to 10 seconds
bridge 16 hello-time 10
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