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ImageStream Linux Version 4.3.2 is now available as a general availability (GA) release for all ImageStream Envoy routers.

This software release is provided at no charge to all ImageStream customers. Version 4.3.2 is a maintenance release that is recommended for all customers who wish to run the latest GA release on Envoy routers.

This release note documents commands and features added between version 4.3.1 and version 4.3.2.

The following bugs have been fixed in Version 4.3.2:

New Features in Version 4.3.2

Detailed revision history:

revision 17

   date: 2010/01/18
   Add RADIUS login support.

revision 16

   date: 2009/08/23
   DHCP server: Fix a segmentation fault problem with the recent shared-network update.

revision 15

   date: 2009/07/26
   dhcp server: Allow multiple subnets per interface via automatic shared
   network support for subnets on the same interface.

revision 14

   date: 2009/07/02
   Add snmpset utility.

revision 13

   date: 2009/06/23
   Add updated sed utility.

revision 13

   date: 2009/07/02

revision 12

   date: 2009/05/22
   OpenSSH: Update to 5.2p1
   OpenSSL: Update to 0.9.8k

revision 11

   date: 2009/03/11
   Added updated mgetty which doesn't log errors filling up the ramdisk.

revision 10

   date: 2008/12/09
   Remove broken examples from the stock firewall script and add updated
   SNAT/DNAT rules.

revision 9

  date: 2008/11/12
  440: Added a global 5 second delay in sand_probe() for to allow cards with old
  firmaware to initialize. This workaround is needed on systems with a mix of old
  and new cards.
  configmgr: Remove the sethorizon option for brctl from distributions other than
  4.4.0-pre which don't support it.

revision 8

  date: 2008/11/10
  440: Update to June 30 drivers which fixes a stuck transmitter bug and an initialization problem on cards with older firmware.

revision 7

  date: 2008/11/06
  Update SAND_3.5.26_69 which includes numerous bugfixes and enhancements.

revision 6

  date: 2008/10/23
  Updated udhcp package to 0.9.9-pre2.  This add's the -t option to the udhcpc command, which allows the number of retries to be set.  When SAND attempts to run udhcpc it sent "-t 10", which errors out the previous version since that is not a supported option.

revision 5

  date: 2008/09/23
  Fix bridging: previous commit combined brctl commands together which doesn't work on the Envoy.

revision 4

  date: 2008/06/18
  Added latest 440 driver with Tx lockup detection/reset code.

revision 3

  date: 2008/03/20
  Added missing PowerCode package to 4.3.2 distro

revision 2

  date: 2008/03/17
  Added sand release 41 with DHCP server excluded address fixes.

revision 1

  date: 2008/03/10
  Initial revision
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