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Hard Drive Testing

1. Boot the router, and log in as “root”. Use your password if you have one set.
2. From the main menu, access: Option 3 (Advanced) => Option 1 (Bash Prompt)
3. Type “addon_hd status” [enter] to verify that the addon drive is not set up yet.
4. Type “addon_hd configure” [enter] to configure the addon drive. (The addon drive should show up as “hdc” at this point.)
5. Type “addon_hd partition” [enter] to begin partitioning the drive, followed by “y” [enter] to allow the process.
6. When the command prompt returns, type “addon_hd format” [enter] to begin formatting the drive. Again, you will need to type “y” [enter] to allow the process.
7. Repeat instruction 3 to verify that the drive is set up and ready for use.

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