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Ethernet Card Testing

1) Go to the advance menu and select the Bash Prompt
2) Configure the first Ethernet interface by running the following command: ifconfig eth0 192.168.100.x

Note Replace x with a IP address within your range.

3) Verify the first Ethernet interface is plugged into the network.
4) Verify any front panel LEDs for the Ethernet interface function, if applicable.
5) Test Ethernet communication by running the following command: ping

Note Press Ctrl-C to exit.

6) After successfully testing the port disable it with the following command: ifconfig eth0 down
7) Repeat steps 1-6 for any addition Ethernet interfaces. Change eth0 to eth1 and so on for the addition ports.

WAN Card Testing

T1 Serial Port Testing

Verification Router Recognizes Card

1) Boot router. Go to the advance menu and select the Bash Prompt
2) Load the network interface configuration file by running the command: pico wan.conf
3) Edit the Serial0 configuration so it appears like the following:

interface Serial0
service-module t1 clock source internal
encapsulation hdlc
ip address

4) Repeat the configuration of any addition T1 ports
5) Save the configuration and exit by pressing Ctrl-X
6) Activate the new configuration by running the command: reload
7) Load the Interface Statistics screen by running the command: stats
8) Plug a T1 lookback plug into the T1 port. The Interface Statistics screen should show the hardware status change to UP and the protocol status should change to UP after a few seconds. (Hit any key not utilized by the stats program to redraw the screen, as console messages my be displayed.)
9) Repeat step 8 for any additional T1 ports.

Testing Ports

1)Gather Test Envoy and a Loopback Plug
2)Boot Envoy
3)Login: root
4)Go to the advance menu and select the Bash Prompt
5)To Load the Program, type in ./runmfgtest440 Card’s Serial Number 2 1 1<b< /> 6 Connect the Card to the Cables in the second Envoy T1/E1 Port<b< />

a)Board should be upside-down with Serial # showing<b< />

b)Pins should have Solid Black side Down<b< /> 7 Insert the Loopback Plug after Installing Card<b< /> 8 Follow the On-Screen Prompts to Run the Test<b< />

to the advance menu and select the Bash Prompt<b< />

'Failed Test If the Test Cannot Run Due to Errors <b< />

Disconnect and re-insert the card<b< />

B If the card fails again, re-insert the Loop-Back Plug and run again

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