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To install the Asterisk add-on package, be sure you are running the latest version of the ImageStream Linux 4.4.x. If you are running 4.4, update your router software to the latest distribution by typing the following command from the command line:

update 4.4.0

When the update is finished, reboot the router. When the router is booted, return to the command line and type the following commands:

addon_hd configure
addon_hd format
Enable addon_hd
Install asterisk
Enable asterisk
Start asterisk
backup flash

To access the Asterisk web management system, point your browser to the link that follows, substituting the router's IP address for the IP address

The Asterisk configurations are stored in /etc/asterisk which is on the ramdisk just like all other router settings. Any changes that are made to the Asterisk configs will need to be saved to flash using the "backup flash" command or the save configuration to flash menu option.

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