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==Documentation and Futher reading==
==Documentation and Futher reading==
* [ http://www.imagestream.com/VRRP.html VRRP ] - More detailed description of VRRP
* [ https://sourceforge.net/projects/vrrpd/ VRRPd home page ] - Implementation of VRRPd used by ImageStream

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VRRP(Virtual Router Redundancy Protocol), defined in RFC3768, allows multiple systems on a network to share an IP address between them. Each node sends out a broadcast packet detailing the VRRP group it is participating in and its priority. The highest priority node wins the election. After a node wins three elections, it assumes the role of master and takes the IP and MAC address being shared.


There are currently no known tools for VRRP.


VRRP/Examples/Example 1: Sharing one address between two hosts - Common VRRP application, ensures a path out from the LAN.

Documentation and Futher reading

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