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A complete step-by-step guide for installing Sguil Server on RedHat Linux is available at http://nsmwiki.org/Sguil_on_RedHat_HOWTO#Configuration

Obtaining Sguil Server Software

Grab the latest Sguil Server archive from http://sguil.sorceforge.com.

The tested version is http://internap.dl.sourceforge.net/sourceforge/sguil/sguil-server-0.7.0.tar.gz

Extract the archive to /usr/local/sguild

If your Linux distribution uses a threaded TCL binary ImageStream provides a source RPM and CentOS 5.3 32-bit binary RPM at ftp://ftp.imagestream.com/pub/sguil

To install:

rpm -Uvh --force tcl-8.4.13-3nothreads.i386.rpm

Setting up the MySQL Databases

root@dev1:/usr/local/sguild/server/sql_scripts# mysql -e "create database sguildb"
root@dev1:/usr/local/sguild/server/sql_scripts# mysql -D sguildb < ./create_sguildb.sql
root@dev1:/usr/local/sguild/server/sql_scripts# mysql -D sguildb -e "show tables"
| Tables_in_sguildb |
| history           |
| nessus            |
| nessus_data       |
| pads              |
| portscan          |
| sensor            |
| status            |
| user_info         |
| version           |

Setting up sguild

Create the SSL certificate:

TODO: Add a guide to create the cert from the router.

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