Router Memory Requirements

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4.2 Distributions


  • 1 GB per 1,500 connections limit 3,000 with higher-end routers

4.4 Distributions


  • 1 GB per 1,000 connections limit 4,500 with higher-end routers


  • 250 MB per interface

RAMDisk Size

  • The RAMDisk size is set at startup from the /usr/share/etc/ram0.conf file and optionally overridden by /etc/ram0.conf.
  • These files have one setting: size=<size in KiloBytes>.
  • The default RAMDisk size in 4.4.1 is 67 MB (size=67000)
  • To increase the size to 80 MB, create an /etc/ram0.conf file with size=80000:
echo "size=80000" > /etc/ram0.conf
backup flash

*WARNING: Do not make the RAMDisk larger than available memory or the router will fail to boot!

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