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RADIUS configuration for authenticating PPPoE and L2TP users is done via the Virtual-Template interface using the radius-server command.

radius-server host <host ip> auth-port <port> key secret [ acct-port <port> ] [ acct-interval <seconds> ]

The RADIUS server IP, authentication port and key values are required. If no accounting port is specified accounting will be disabled. If an accounting interval is specified interim accounting updates will be sent.

Example using the following values:

RADIUS server IP:
RADIUS server authentication port: 1812
RADIUS server accounting port: 1813
RADIUS server password: password
Send interim updates every hour
interface Virtual-Template1
 ip unnumbered Loopback0
 peer default ip pool pool1
 radius-server host acct-port 1813 auth-port 1812 key password acct-interval 3600
 ppp authentication pap chap mschap
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