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Branding Pages

Default Information

Branding:default Provides the default configuration section. It also provides the template for creating new brand data.

Creating a new domain

Type "Branding:HOSTNAME" in the search box and click on "Go". You will see a this page does not exist error, click "create this page" at the top of the window, then paste the following information into the page.

 [[/co_long_name]]  -- Company's Full name
 [[/co_short_name]] -- Company's Abbreviated name
 [[/sales_email]]   -- email address for sales
 [[/sales_phone]]   -- phone number for sales
 [[/support_email]] -- email address for support
 [[/support_phone]] -- phone number for support
 [[/address_1]]     -- Postal address line one
 [[/address_2]]     -- Postal address line two
 [[/city]]          -- City
 [[/state]]         -- State or province
 [[/postal_code]]   -- Postal code
 [[/country]]       -- Country
 [[/logo]]          -- Logo (url to the logo)

Save the page, then click on any data you want to add the appropriate information. When all information is added, any documents using the Branding module will automatically pull from Branding:HOSTNAME, then Branding:default for that information. You should use all lowercase letters, and only letters, numbers, and underscores in the field names.

Usage in a page

Text fields

Type <brand info="FIELD" /> when you want to pull branded information. FIELD must match one of the fields from the Branding page *exactly*. <brand info="CO_long_name" /> will *NOT* match the co_long_name field.

Image fields

Type <brand type="image" info="FIELD" /> to insert an image field into the document. Image fields must have a URL to the image you want to display. i.e. You can upload a file using the upload file link in the toolbox. I suggest naming the file HOSTNAME-FIELD to find it easily. To get the url, go to Image List, type the HOSTNAME into the search box and click go, then right click the file link and copy location. Paste that into the image field for use.
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