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What is BGP?

What is "multi-homing"?

What are the benefits of using BGP?

Does using BGP make it easier to change providers?

Do I have to use BGP with all of my upstream providers?

Where can I get an Autonomous System Number?

What is the Network Layer Reachability Information (NLRI)?

What is a BGP route?

What ImageStream routers support BGP4 and how much memory do they require?

How can I tell if BGP4 is enabled on my ImageStream router?

How can I enable BGP4 on the router?

What is the best source of information about ImageStream's BGP4?

Why must all BGP peers in an Autonomous System be peered with each other?

What is used as the BGP Router ID on ImageStream routers?

Do I need to define my static routes in my interface configuration file (wan.conf) and in the main gated configuration file (gated.conf)?

How long must a route exist before BGP will forward it?

Why do I have to inform my providers manually about the networks that I am announcing?

In the route precedence, where are Local (Directly Connected) routes in the precedence?

What third-party products are interoperable with BGP4 on an ImageStream router?

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