Asterisk supported codecs

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Voice Codecs supported in 4.4.0'

G.711 ulaw/alaw 64 Kbps Best Quality
G.726 ADPCM 32 Kbps High Quality
GSM 13 Kbps Good Quality
iLBC 15.2 Kbps Good Quality
Speex Variable Rate Low to High Quality depending on selected bitrate

Codecs requiring licensing'

G.729 8 Kbps Low (Toll) Quality -- can be licensed from Sipro Lab Telecom or VoiceAge

Voice Codecs supported in pass-through mode'

G.723.1 6.3/5.3 Kbps Low Quality
G.729 8 Kbps Low (Toll) Quality -- can be run without license in pass-through mode
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