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Userspace Integration

Inetics uses standard linux netdevices for each ATM PVC. This means that the Linux socket API (PF_PACKET socket) can be used to send and receive raw AAL5 data on a given PVC.

Configure the ATM PVCs in wan.conf and load Inetics using the "up" script.

Sample wan.conf:

interface Serial0
  encapsulation atm
  service-module oc3 clock source internal
interface Serial0.1
  encapsulation atm
  pvc 0/32

Next load a program which binds a raw socket to the network interface Serial0.1 and sends/receives data.

Source code for rwtest_sock.c

root@dev1:~# ./rwtest_sock Serial0.1 /tmp/Serial0.1.log

Let it go a few seconds and hit Control-C to stop it. If you want to see link utilization, run "rwtest_sock Serial0.1 &" without the log in the background and then run the "stats" program.

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