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Enter the following commands from the command prompt (Main menu option 3 Advanced -> option 1 Bash shell)
  • addon_hd configure
  • addon_hd partition
  • addon_hd format
  • Enable addon_hd
  • Start addon_hd

The addon_hd service creates 2 partitions. A read-only partition for program installation is mounted by default on /opt. A read-write partition for data storage is mounted on /data.

The addon_hd service can be configured to run on the built-in flash if it is 128 MB or larger. Otherwise an extra flash drive or hard drive is required.

Partitioning schemes

Device RO Partition RO Size RO Mount Point RW Partition RW Size RW Mount point
Built-in 128 MB Flash hda3 32 MB /opt hda4 Remainder of drive (24 MB for 128 MB flash) /data
Add-on Flash or Hard Drive Less than 8 GB hdc1 512 MB /opt hdc2 Remainder of drive /data
Add-on Flash or Hard Drive Greater than 8 GB hdc1 4 GB /opt hdc2 Remainder of drive /data
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